About us

We are a team of motivated and focused professionals, with a wide set of skills anchored around next generation marketing and technology. At the beginning we started out as freelancers, or employees at numerous corporations. But beeing a cogwheel was never enough for either of us.

We gave up on our jobs, an joined forces to create stories. Stories of emotion combined with technical solutions, strings of happy customers. Yeah sure, we can do your SEM, develop your webpage and app, design and figure out your brand identity, etc. But after all, it all brakes down to emotions. Your‘s, your customer‘s, your board‘s and stakeholder‘s. Eventually we can make you, and them happy.

Our goal is to understand your customers, to provide them experiences, touch their emotions and tell them your story. We can do that with content, or with high tech, maybe innovative solutions, we will see… The goal is to satisfy your customer and eventually grow the business you represent.

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